When Luhan scores, Minseok…

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this optical illusion is everything

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right now this unrelated thing is breaking my heart




Anonymous said: Do you think Xiumin and Luhan will still have their beautiful relationship? It's not about all that Xiuhan love stuff, I mean, they really have a wonderful friendship, and I don't know why, knowing that they're so far away from each other now makes me kinda...uncomfortable, like something's not right. But they're still friends, right? :(


oh sweetie I think you should not worry <3 because true friendship is very strong and distance does not matter,  

they are very important to each other, they have shared difficulties and joys for years and they care about each other for a long time, these things aren’t easily forgotten

I’m pretty sure they will continue to be friends

and I’ll tell you something because you’re uncomfortable cuz they are so far away, my best friend and I are living in different countries (in different continents) for six years„ I didn’t saw her in person for almost four years, but you know what? the day we met each other again it was as if we’d never separate and we are still best friends

and if you want a idol example do you have heechul and hangeng, after all these years they are still friends, 


I hope just like heechul and hangeng, one day we can see  Xiumin and Luhan together again

so anon don’t worry, friendship is stronger than distance and time, I’m sure of it <3

ps: sorry for my late answer ^^;

at times like this I wish my English was better  but I tried ^^

When all Ao Haru Ride fans sit here and complain about Kou’s actions and behavior…


I’m sitting here like that…


because I’m pretty sure how will this story end
and what an amazing and touching moments Sakisaka Io will prepare for us :)

“7:00 At the clock in Sankaku Park.”

“7:00 At the clock in Sankaku Park.”

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during rehearsal..

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you can almost feel luhan’s urge to kiss minseok ^o^

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why does this keep happening

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luhan’s many attempts to lean against xiumin: 1st attempt xiumin was about to kick him. 2nd attempt luhan was close enough but xiumin moved away. 3rd attempt success!

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